Dataflow Automation

In our experience, growth and success of a business or project can often depend on making key business decisions at the right time. Informed decision-making requires accurate, relevant data to be available as soon as possible. Whether it's internal reporting (eg management accounts), or external (eg tax returns, customer quotations), data is king. Whether it's to resolve issues and problems, or to reward excellence, speaking with data will help assess the magnitude, and identify targets.

In many businesses, a significant proportion of pre-deadline time and effort is expended on data extracting, with correspondingly less time devoted to data analysis, review, rectification and presentation. Many financial reporting teams will vouch to the cyclical stresses and strains of month-end reporting, annual audits and tax inspections. Many a finance officer will confirm the lack of confidence his/her peers perceive in the 'numbers presentations'.

We can help in the speedy extraction of relevant data from your business systems, and provide key indicators in common offices tools such as MicroSoft Excel and MicroSoft Access. Through the use of Visual Basic, we can automate the number-churning processes manually undertaken in MS Excel, and provide exception reporting.

We can assist in automating data-entry through the use of template forms and ODBC, enabling pre-validation and consistency of input.

By reducing the volume of repetitive manual operations, resource can be released and re-deployed to more value-adding operations, productivity can increase, staff satisfaction and morale can improve.